Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Relaxing on Sunday!!

What a long weekend! It was nice to have 3 days off, but it's always so hard to go back to work come Monday! We spent the day relaxing outside by our pool. ;) We're high-class...don't kid yourself! the girls had a great time playing in the tube and the tent. Turns out Adyson liked the tent so much she slept in it that night in their room! Unfortunately, I didn't realize the importance of the Kodak moment at the time so I don't have a picture of that. But it was so cute, Cord fixed it all up with her pillow, blankets, and all her "friends". Although about 4am she did go into her own bed. Not sure if she was scared or just had enough of "roughing it". Sarah comes home late tomorrow night from Georgia. Well, not home home. Flies into San Diego, but then Thursday she's going with Nonna and Papa because Gavin and Graham are going to be here. Then on Saturday they have Taylor's birthday party at the bowling alley. Unfortunately, Cord and I won't be attending as we have the company planned "Pub Crawl"...don't ask! ;) Well, I'm off. Stay tuned for more peeks into the life of the Bakers... from my perspective!

Look at those faces!!

Oh there's mommy!! Finally I'm in some pics!

Kisses for daddy! xoxoxo

And yet another pose...I'm sure there will be one of these in every post!!

Notice the shoe?

The day was just too much for some of us!!


Cathi Hamen said...

sooooo fun to camp out in the backyard!!
i rarely get in the photos as well.. lets work on that!

looking forward to hanging this weekend... even if on a "pup crawl"!

Paul and Lisa said...

Love the photo of America Next Top Model! Work that brown swimsuit!