Monday, July 21, 2008

Pub Crawl with the OC office!!

So, last Sunday we headed down to PB with with some our partners and employees of the OC office for an informal pub crawl. However, this just wasn't any pub crawl...this was a "dive bar" pub crawl. We met up at the Sandbar, then off to the Open Bar, then lunch at Taco Surf. From there we went a block down the street to Thrusters for $2.00 Mimosas!!! We then went to the another bar, which I don't really remember the name because me, Heidi, Cathi & Traci left to go find a peircing place. :) That was so much fun! and yes I'm 35, omg that sounds old, but I've always wanted my nose peirced. So Traci and I took the plunge! We then ended our day at the Silver Fox with a game of pool with Duane and Traci...who joined us even though it was their anniversary weekend!! What a great day and great fun with friends!!

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Paul and Lisa said...

Holy crap! You got your nose pierced! I have wanted to that too but could never do it because of my old job. Who knows maybe I can do it now. Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast!