Sunday, August 31, 2008

The First Day of School!! YIPPEEEE!!!!!

Sarah's first day of school was great! It's tradition that Tony and I both take her to school the first day. It's the one time that I'm able to take her right when school starts instead of at the crack of dawn. We met her teacher and she's amazing! So nice and she's a doctor!! She was a principle for about 15 years and she wanted to go back into the classroom to teach before she retires. I think this is going to be a good year for Sarah. Can you believe it....a 4th grader!!??

Sarah's last week of Summer Break!

So every summer for one week we send Sarah to the Helen Woodward Center for Animal Camp. It's a great way to break up her summer and to let her learn about all different kinds of animals and how to respect them. During camp there was one horse that Sarah could click her tongue at and it would come right to her! It just made her day. She had a such a great time and it was well worth the money spent! Below is a picture of Sarah with one of the horses that are at the center for rehab. She couldn't be happier!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Think...

I am: a good friend
I think: about all the sewing I could be getting done
I know: that I am loved
I want: a new, bigger home
I have: 3 beautiful girls and a wonderful husband
I wish: rates for home loans would come down
I hate: being stuck in traffic
I miss: my grandfather
I fear: losing those I love
I feel: very blessed
I hear: people typing on their keyboards
I smell: my perfume...Flowerbomb by Victor&Rolf
I crave: sweets
I search: for Avery's passy constantly
I wonder: who reads my blog
I regret: nothing...because if I didn't do all the things I've done I wouldn't be where I am today
I love: Cord...and the girls with all my heart
I care: about the feelings of those around me
I always: want dessert
I am not: patient
I used to be: a military wife
I believe: everything happens for a reason
I hope: my girls learn from their mistakes
I dance: when the music feels right
I sing: in the car to make the girls smile
I don't always: say I'm sorry, but I'm working on it
I fight: when I think I'm right
I write: when I'm inspired
I lose: often ;)
I win: umm...I said I lose often
I never: like being wrong
I listen: when we're at the dinner table talking about our days
I can usually be found: at my desk at work
I am scared: of leaving this world too soon
I need: a vacation

On that note...Feel free to hi-jack and play. After all, I did!