Thursday, May 21, 2009

Avie & "Unc Eric"

So most of you know that my Brother is a pilot for U.S. Customs. Well Tuesday, May 19th, was career day at our Alma Mater, Mt.Carmel High School (and yes also the fine school that gave us Adam Lambert of American Idol). Well, Derrick's unit was asked to fly down to the school and land on the baseball field as part of career day and talk with the students. So Adyson and Avery went with Nonna & Papa to see Uncle Derrick fly in and land. Something we really thought they would enjoy since they are always getting excited when "hecoptors" fly over the house. Well, Avie started crying and yelling for mommy because of the wind and noice, as you can imagaine, and Adyson being the princess she is, was a bit scared as well. Avie finally came around and then got excited to see the "hecoptor" and below is the only picture that was captured before she stiffened her body enough to get down! What an awesome day and a great memory to have!

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